The challenges faced by modern healthcare are vast. Costs are increasing as is patient awareness. As individuals develop a greater understanding of their health, the level of involvement in their own care also increases. This presents greater opportunities within the Healthcare landscape; but it also suggests that changes are necessary in order to provide a Healthcare system that can positively cater to the needs of its primary consumer, as well as provide a strategy which can adapt to a changing Healthcare environment.

The provision of healthcare is currently determined by certain key players within the Healthcare framework. These are Academic and Peripheral hospitals, Insurance Companies, Industry and Government Institutions. Whilst all of these organisations share a common objective, which is to provide a good, sustainable healthcare system for everyone at all times; and at a reasonable price; a difference of opinion arises when determining how this can be successfully achieved. The market is now open for competition, something that is a relatively new concept which conventional organisations are yet to explore.


At present, a lot of emphasis is given to the control of processes, where time and money is invested in an organization, without clearly having in mind what one aims to achieve. Our vision is different: we give maximum attention to the strategy, and then look for the corresponding optimal structure.


‘Collaboration’ is a key word in modern times. Most organizations themselves are too small to achieve their ambitions and cannot continue to operate on their own, in an environment that is constantly changing. This is clearly evident in the world of laboratories. Laboratories are increasingly looking for homologous (between similar laboratories) and heterologous (between different types of laboratories) forms of collaboration. Collaboration can lead to a complete merging of institutions, such as in laboratories, but they may also be converted into Dynamic Network Organizations. In particular, the latter offers many opportunities. It ensures that independence can be maintained, but simultaneously allows for cooperation where this is useful and desirable.


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