How do we achieve a clear picture of our strategic goals and how do we successfully achieve and implement these targets in practice? The best working procedure is dependent on the command. Our procedure follows a ground pattern which can be adapted to the prerequisites of the challenge. However, experience shows that solid results and short term implementation processes can be achieved using the following elements: Quick Scan, setting up a good project plan, making a realistic business plan followed by implementation, under the guidance of focussed and dedicated project management.

Quick Scan contains at least the following elements:

– Analysis of the present situation and problems
– Identification of potential solutions (strategic)
– RA risk analysis including SWOT analysis of the current and desired situation. The SWOT-analysis should include the strategic aims and objectives, financial position, IT structure, as well as the culture and behaviour within the organization.

Creating a good Project Plan:

  • It will create added value
  • It is intelligent and complete
  • It is energizing and is inspiring
  • It is sophisticated


Een goed businessplan bevat een heldere strategische visie en een goed plan om deze visie vorm te geven. In algemene zin kan men stellen dat er drie ‘werkelijkheden’ zijn die over elkaar heen gelegd moeten kunnen worden en die tezamen bepalen of een businessplan realistisch is: de strategische ‘werkelijkheid’, de financiële en de ICT. M.n. het laatste wordt veelal vergeten en is regelmatig verantwoordelijk voor het mislukken van een ‘goed plan’.


Project management: The core issue during the implementation phase is, “keep it small ‘, which means create a proper test environment that is not too big, so relatively quick successes can be achieved. This provides the foundation to take the next step. If the project aims are too ambitious, the chance of success within a reasonable time becomes smaller and there is the additional risk that the team or the entire business loses its enthusiasm. Moreover, the implementation costs will be generally much higher than necessary when the proposal is too ambitious.


Full implementation phase: Finally when one or more small projects have been successfully implemented (thus providing proof of a successful outcome), one can proceed in total implementation. To be successful, one should not progress too quickly to this phase, and a learning curve must be initiated first. This learning curve must include at least the aforementioned components: strategy, finance, IT and culture and behaviour within the organization.


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